Phase III – Remediation

The type of remediation needed will vary widely depending on the type of property and its configuration, the nature of the contaminant involved and the geologic conditions of the subsurface. Not only are there many “tried and true” remediation technologies available but there are also new and innovative technologies evolving continuously. It is the mission of Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences to apply the most cost-effective techniques available to try to resolve the issues on a property as quickly and as economically as possible.

Phase IV – Site Closure Activities

The Phase IV Closure activities involve on-going monitoring of the property to verify that the remediation has been successful and then the filing of a closure plan with the local lead agency. Therefore an important component of the Phase IV activity may involve representing the client’s interests with the lead regulatory agency. Proper representation can occasionally lead to an earlier closure provided a logical and technically accurate closure application is presented. It is the purpose of Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences to properly close an active site as soon as it is technically appropriate to do so.