An essential step in a real property transaction is to evaluate the property for environmental contamination and to assess the potential environmental liability for the new owner.

This process is commonly known as environmental due diligence or environmental site assessment. The All Appropriate Inquiries environmental site assessment is the threshold to CERCLA landowner liability protections.

For protection under the CERCLA Brownfields Amendments landowner liability exemptions, it is crucial that the All Appropriate Inquiries, Phase I Investigation be bullet-proof.

All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI):
More information on AAI requirements for Phase I Site Assessments,  and CERCLA Brownfields Amendments liability exemptions, (CERCLA Liability Limits).
Importance of Working with an Environmental Site Assessment A $10,000,000 liability nightmare Waste Oil Soil Contamination:
An EPA investigation reported zones of waste oil contaminated soil on a 100-acre site.
“Worst of Worst” of Environmental Risks:  Inadequate secondary containment virtually assures Perc contamination Costly Erroneous Conclusion:
An environmental site assessment indicated likely contaminated soil.  $100,000 later, no oil was found.

Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences provides the following services:

Full AAI compliant (ASTM E 1527-13) , legally defensible environmental site assessments:

  • Phase I – preliminary site assessments
  • Phase II – sub-surface contamination investigations
  • Phase III – remediation and monitoring
  • Phase IV – closure

– Modified or abbreviated environmental site assessment reports

– Desktop Review / Records Search with Risk Assessment with interpretation by Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences

– Educational seminars