The Desk Top Review (DTR) is used as a screening tool to determine the likelihood that a given property has environmental issues that might put a lender or investor at risk. This is not a legal document and will not provide the legal protections obtainable from an All Appropriate Inquiry-Environmental Site Assessment, Phase I Investigation.

The DTR process reviews regulatory databases and other information sources to arrive at an estimation of potential risk. A DTR consists of an Environmental Radius Map and Report with a written interpretation of that report.

Uses: Many banks and lenders use the DTR as a standard screening tool for all commercial financing.

Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA)

The Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA) is a more comprehensive desktop report that meets SBA Lender and Development Company Loan Programs (SOP 50 10 (5)) Requirements for environmental due diligence. The RSRA augments the DTR with historic usage information for the property through Sanborn Fire Maps and City Directories.  As with the DTR, a written discussion of the data in these various reports is prepared by an Environmental Professional.

Uses: When SBA financing is involved or when historical property usage is of concern.