Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences, LLC (HLENV) has been providing comprehensive, business minded solutions to our clients since 1992. We specialize in environmental health and safety, industrial hygiene services and environmental due diligence. Our environmental due diligence practice spans all phases of commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Robert (Bob) Harris founded Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences with his partner, Jack Lee in 1992. At the time, the business focused entirely on Environmental Due Diligence.  As he drew closer to retirement, Bob was excited to bring in his daughter, Patty Beach. Patty was working the corporate world as an EHS/Industrial Hygiene leader in biotechnology.

Since joining HLENV in 2006, Patty has built the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Practice to its strong position today with a team of certified EHS professionals.  HLENV grew again with the addition of Walter Beach in 2008. With his business and management expertise now leading the Environmental Due Diligence practice, the current team at HLENV continues to build on the foundation that Bob and Jack built almost three decades ago.

We have extensive consulting experience providing environmental services to government, corporate, industrial, and commercial clients. Our combination of training and experience in the range of sciences and business that influence environmental issues gives us a unique perspective and valuable flexibility that allow for development of environmental solutions that always take into consideration the well-being of our clients’ businesses.

The firm additionally incorporates the services of select, pre-qualified environmental specialists on an as-needed basis according to the requirements of a project.

Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences consults with clients nation-wide with special focus in California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona. We are located in Northern California with offices in San Rafael and Santa Rosa.

Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences is a certified small and woman-owned business providing services to clients nationwide.

Partners and Owners of Harris & Lee Environmental Sciences, LLC

Patricia Beach, CIH, REPA
Managing Partner, Senior Scientist
Environmental Health and Safety Team

Walter Beach, REPA, PMP
Partner, Managing Director
Environmental Due Diligence Team